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Hi there, welcome!

We are impressive at digital advertising solutions. But how we serve you will impress you even more. It’s all our pleasure to grow our client bigger.

  • We started to meet new friends and partners in the lovely country of Indonesia.


    Authorized as Google Premier SMB Partner in Asia.


    We meet Google’s the most stringent eligibility and training requirements.

  • Became authorized Facebook Ads reseller in Taiwan.

  • Became authorized Google Maps Business View reseller in Taiwan.


    Won Customers satisfaction premium of Google AdWords.

  • Introduced Google AdWords Enhanced Campaign, enabling enterprises with better means to juggle between multi-screen advertising and budget control.


    Won Customers satisfaction premium of Google AdWords.

  • Re-awarded Google's Best reseller of the Year by Google Taiwan.

  • Proposed WMO (Web Marketing Optimization) concept.

  • Awarded Best reseller of the Year by Google Taiwan.

  • Became the first authorized Google AdWords reseller in Taiwan.

Our Services

Be seen at the top of search result pages when someone searches for your product or service on Google and pay only when someone click your ads

Advertise your brand on multiple websites with massive reach directed at your target audience

Promote your product or service on the most popular video streaming service in Indonesia

Customers can find your business on computers, mobile phones and tablets. Whether they’re searching at home, on the go, or switching between devices

Can be served via the largest social media users in Indonesia with 96M people access Facebook monthly

Instagram Ads Help You Showcase Your Wonderful Brand Stories with Pictures and Video As You Like

Do you wonder what’s happening in Indonesia digital landscape?
Flip these out!
  • 64% of Indonesian are already online.
    Google Indonesia
  • There are 5.5 billion search queries every month in Indonesia.
    Google Indonesia
  • 28% Indonesians engaged in online research prior to recent purchases.
    Google Consumer Barometer Indonesia
  • 56% Indonesians engaged in online research to find local businesses.
    Google Consumer Barometer Indonesia
  • 41% Indonesians use search engine to research products or services online.
    Google Consumer Barometer Indonesia
  • 85% Indonesian online shoppers used info from online ads when researching product.
    TNS Online Shopper Study of Indonesian
  • 79% Indonesian online shoppers took direct action from seeing online ads.
    TNS Online Shopper Study of Indonesian
  • Digital engagement accounts for 8% more growth in average to businesses in Indonesia.
    Deloitte Access Economics
Need a hand to growth hack your business?
Catch a glimpse of our amazing services!
  • Be seen by customers at the very moment that they’re searching on Google for the things you offer. And only pay when they click to visit your website or call.
  • We’re all spending more time online and 95% of that time is spent reading and engaging with content on websites. Display advertising can help you to reach all these potential customers.
  • Give customers the right info at the right time, whether that be driving directions to your business through Map, Search Engine or a phone number they can click to call you.
  • Deciding which restaurant or hotel to go is often complicated. These immersive, virtual experiences inspire greater confidence among prospective guests.
Getting warmed-up?
Let us introduce you the amazing culture of our TOMATEES!


We believe that the only way to create truly loyal Clients is by delivering a service that goes beyond what is expected from us, repeatedly.


If you aren’t scratching heads asking “How can they reply so fast?” then we aren’t doing our jobs well enough. We want you to feel as our only client.


Working together with your businesses as if it was your own digital marketing department ingrained with your goals and budget in mind.


We’re always honest with our clients, partners and each other. If we failed on our goals, we react proactively and 100% transparently.

Not yet convinced?
Meet up with our happy friends!
Cooperative Partner
Google Adwords

Highest level of certification granted
from Google

Google Maps Business View

Google trusted agency & professional
photography team

Facebook Ads

Authorized reseller in Indonesia
Held marketing seminar with facebook

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About Tomato Digital

Tomato Digital Indonesia is part of Taipei Digital Group, the largest digital ads and marketing business in Taiwan founded in 1996 by Taiwanese entrepreneurs, Sanko Lan. It has received many awards in the business. Tomato Digital Indonesia (www.tomato.co.id) is the official Google Premier SMB Partner in Indonesia.

Satrio Tower 9F, Jakarta 12950